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FAQs Page

Welcome to Family 1st’s FAQ Page. Family 1st has recently implanted a system upgrade on April 1, 2020.

Listed below is more information for our members. Lobby hours are still suspended until further notice.

When is the conversion date? 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 

why is family 1st upgrading the system?

Technology continues to change and improve at a rapid pace. This new system will enable Family 1st to serve you, the member better.

How will this affect me, the member?

Members will be minimally affected but should enjoy many new account features.  

Will my member number change?


Will my account number change?

Yes, your suffix of your checking account number will change. Checking accounts now identified by “09” after member number will change to “75” after member number.

will my old checks be valid?

Members may use up any checks they have on hand and any new orders will be set to order to reflect the suffix change.

will this affect my direct deposit?

No, direct deposits will not be affected, but we suggest you still monitor your account.

will this affect existing ach's?

No, existing ACH’s will not be affected.

what will happen to my automatic transfers that i have set up outside of family 1st?

There should not be any changes but monitor your account carefully and notify us of any changes.

Why do I have to register on the new Virtual branch (formerly home-banking) website?

You will be signing into a completely new system with new capabilities.

how do i get the new family 1st mobile app?

Android users: Go to the Google Play store and type in "Family 1st of Texas FCU", you will need to download our NEW Family 1st app. 

Apple Users: Go to the App store and type in "Family 1st of Texas FCU", you will need to download our NEW Family 1st app. 

Download Mobile App

Will i have to sign up for bill pay again?

Yes. We encourage our members to save any information from our current Bill Pay website so that it will make the process run smooth when you are adding your accounts to the new Bill Pay website. 

will this affect my credit card?

Member's credit cards will not be affected.

will i still be able to use my debit card?

Yes, members will still have debit card access during this transition.

are members currently able to access remote deposit (mobile deposit)?  

Yes. Remote deposit is now available. ***Funds deposited by 4:30 p.m. CST will be made available the next business day. Longer delays may apply during weekends and holidays. *** 

Will I need to sign up for E-statements?

Yes. Members will need to sign up for e-statements. 

Will I get a paper statement or an E-statement for the month of March?

Yes. All members will receive paper statements.