Faster, safer, more convenient

Family1st is upgrading your VISA Debit Card to make your transactions faster, safer, and more convenient.

Your new card (arriving in your mailbox between September 4-10, 2023) will feature secure chip technology including tap and pay, letting you make payments with just a quick tap. It's a simple, secure, and contactless way to pay, speeding up your checkout time and keeping your card information safer.

Mark your calendar for September 25, 2023This is when your new card will be activated and your current card will cease to work. 

Please keep using your current card through September 24, 2023. Don't worry, the transition will be seamless and won't disrupt your everyday transactions. You’ll want to update any automated debits currently set up with your card.

We can't wait for you to enjoy the ease and security that your new VISA Debit Card will provide. As always, we're here if you have any questions or need assistance.


Why am I getting a new debit card?
We're converting to a new vendor so we can offer members like you access to the latest, secure card technology and an improved level of service.

What are the benefits of the new VISA debit card?

Your new VISA Debit Card will have EMV chip and contactless technology. Now you'll be able to securely tap and pay, insert, or swipe at checkout. It's the ultimate in ID protection. Of course, you'll still have the fraud protection and worldwide acceptance you're used to.

Will this change which ATMs I can use?

Not at all. Family1st members who carry an ATM or VISA Debit Card have access to all ATMs, but certain fees may apply. Visit the TransFund website to find surcharge free ATMs located at various QuickTrip (QT) gas stations in your area. 

Can I just get a new VISA debit card in the branch?
During the conversion process, instant issue of debit cards will be unavailable. If your new card doesn't arrive in the mail by September 11th, please let us know immediately so we can remedy the situation.

What if I still have questions or concerns?
We're always happy to help. Give us a call at 817-847-8992 or email us today.